Ride for Ray video #6

IMG_8678November 7th, Bugalusa, LA. We are back east of the Mississippi. We picked up Bill, a neighbour, from Urbana who rode down on the City Of New Orleans to join us and ride. One of the original ideas behind the ride was to create lasting memories for those who rode with us and joined us along the way. But through the videos, so many people who would not have otherwise been able to, have been part of the ride and done a part to keep us rolling. I hope through the videos they will create a lasting connection to the ride.

Don’t forget to keep logging your miles at Ride for Ray. If you are already on Strava, just join the group and your miles will be automatically added. We look forward to including you in our next video. Send pictures or video to bychopath13@gmail.com with a message about yourself and who you are and where you are from.

Peace, love and midwives


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