Ride for Ray video #5

November 6th, Bunkie, LA. A lot of people have been inspired by what we are doing. But who I am exists within each and every one of us. I would not be here were it not for a small army of people. Everyone here, from start to finish, has played a part in this journey. The drivers, the riders (the hospital staff) the road angels who have put us up along the way. Who have cheered us on. Made us meals. Bought us meals. Worked on bikes on their days off. Networked to get us what we need. Rode miles when I could not (13,306 miles at last count). Donated money and supplies. The number of people probably runs into the thousands at this point. This has become so much bigger than any one person involved.

Don’t forget to keep logging your miles at Ride for Ray. If you are already on Strava, just join the group and your miles will be automatically added. We look forward to including you in our next video. Send pictures or video to bychopath13@gmail.com with a message about yourself and who you are and where you are from.

Peace, love and midwives


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