Ride for Ray video #10

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Homeward bound. November 23, 2015. I’ve been receiving a great deal of kudos for completing the ride. But whether or not I finished the ride was to a large degree out of my hands.  It was more dependent on the people with me. No matter how much I wanted to finish, if I hadn’t had the support of Rae and my fellow team members, I would not have made it to St. Augustine. This video is more of a tribute to all the people who have contributed to the successful conclusion of the ride.

With the miles being donated to “Ride for Ray” we are well over the amount needed to circle the globe with over 42,000 miles donated so far. But a ways away from getting to the moon. One of the riders has suggested an interim goal of riding as many miles as dollars donated. With the current donations at $57,700 against a goal of $75,000 we are well on the way and for those of us living in climates that are less than ideal, this may provide us with the extra incentive to get out and keep riding.

Just a thought

Peace, love and midwives


5 thoughts on “Ride for Ray video #10

  1. Ray and Rae,

    I’ve followed your amazing adventure with fascination and admiration. I hear from Tauby you’ll be home for Thanksgiving – enjoy! Please keep blogging, Ray – you have such a gift for writing as well as cycling!
    The trike you have is what Uli used the last year of his life when he could no longer ride a bike. He and I went around the neighborhood and it was a great joy to both of us.

    with love,
    Mary K.


  2. Dear Ray: Although I missed the opportunity to come to your Bar Mitzvah last summer, I am so grateful to have gotten to know you and Rae over the past month through your writings. I have enjoyed reading and sharing “Ray’s Little Ride” with many friends, all of whom have been moved by your story. Your courage, persistence, humor, and generosity of spirit, in the face of this enormous challenge, speak of the depth and beauty of your being. You are a gifted storyteller. Weaving the many parts of your cross country journey with an intimate portrait of your relationship with Rae, has been a source of great inspiration and joy. i’m hoping that the universal appeal of your story will one day find it’s way into book form, so that many more can continue to be enriched by it.
    With love and appreciation,
    Gilda M. (San Rafael, CA)


  3. Nobody rocks a pair of sunglasses anything like you do Raymond.
    Spectacularly incredible, every moment, every one.

    “you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.”

    Alice:”How long is forever?”
    White Rabbit:”Sometimes, just one second.”

    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    Here is to ‘out-of-the-way’ things and the people who inhabit them.

    Endless thanks.

    Mark Joselyn, North Bend, WA


  4. Ray and All,
    Congratulations on your ride! As you return home and heal your injuries, do not feel cheated, do not feel like you let your people down. What you did was lift your people up, lifted up people from all over the world, while raising awareness and hope for anyone who has been or may be affected by ALS! Whether it be on two wheels, a trike, or the wheels of an assistive device, you will rock your mode of transportation.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving 🦃


  5. Sean and I have enthusiastically followed your journey. Congratulations on an epic achievement. Read ing your story has inspired me in facing my own.wn challenges. Grace under pressure. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and gentleness with us all.

    Keep shining.

    Sean and Jeanne McLaughlin


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