Ride For Ray Video #2

October 29th, Del Rio, TX. I look forward to getting to our destination each day to check the email and the eclectic collections of videos and photos that are being sent. Daniel and Andi are still riding here. Lynny and Ira are riding through Florida before they have to head back home for a wedding. They are not going all the way to St Augustine. They will drive back down for that so that everyone can finish together mid November.

“The birds they sang at the break of day

Start again I heard them say

Don’t dwell on what has passed away

Or what is yet to be.”


IMG_8547 (1)

Spent the day driving through rural south west Texas. There is quirk, and then some, in them there hills. Every little town has its own personality. Looking forward to what the road has in store for us today.

Hope you have as much fun watching the video as I did making it.


Don’t forget to log your miles at Ride for Ray. We look forward to including you in our next video. Send pictures or video to bychopath13@gmail.com with a message about yourself and who you are and where you are from.

Peace, love and midwives


3 thoughts on “Ride For Ray Video #2

  1. Yay! Glad August’s video came thru alright 🙂 You truly have tons of people behind you in this. It’s really cool to see.


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