Ride For Ray Video #1

October 26th, Silverton, NM. Someone asked me this morning how I was feeling. I’m happy to report that my right arm does not hurt.  Rae, Andi, Daniel and I left Scottsdale after four nights and are back on the road. Feels good to be moving again, even if my bike is in the van next to me instead of underneath me. We are sticking to the original planned bike route and Daniel and Andi are still riding. There are a lot of cacti out there. There is a lot of everything out there. Except humans.

 The response to the call for miles has been overwhelming. I think that just within a few hours we had almost enough miles to get us half way to El Paso. People are reporting miles, organizing “Ride for Ray” events. My mother-in-law Tauby lives in an assisted living facility and needs a walker to get around. She wanted to know if she could count those miles towards “Ride for Ray.” Hey, the walker has wheels, it counts. There will be an event at Sunday School at our local Temple in Champaign/Urbana for an organized ride for students around the temple and a longer ride for parents.
Enjoy the video. We have loved being on the receiving end.
I know there are people all over the world reading this, we look forward to including you in our next video. Send them to bychopath13@gmail.com with a message about yourself and log your miles at Ride for Ray.  I promise you an epic sound track.

3 thoughts on “Ride For Ray Video #1

  1. Praying for you and hoping you can at least ride into the finish line. You are very brave Nd we Re proud of you and your wife and family. Blessings. Carol and Jim Hausmann


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