Getting Ready for the “Little Ride”

Have had 24 hours to reflect on retirement. Over the years I have read many posts by nurses tending to the dying. The most common regret seems to be, at least by men, spending too much time at work. I regret nothing. It’s been an honor and privilege to be part of peoples lives over the years through such an intense time in their lives. And to share that with an amazing group of midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas and the countless support staff whose gift is to somehow make it all work without anyone noticing. It’s been real. I’m sure their are many more adventures and challenges that await us as we move forward. First up is this ride thingy. I don’t think any of us have the first clue what the hell we’re in for. If I am physically able I will complete it. Not because I want to but because I don’t know how not to. Once I set a goal I have no power over anything. My mind sweeps my body and those around me along with it. That’s why Rae is careful about what she chooses to do with me. She learnt long ago. But she has put her reservations aside to join me on this huge adventure. And I hope you will too.

Peace, love and midwives


Some of my work family


Oh Jack. We’re going to have so much fun together

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